Aaron heads to Barcelona

Aaron Mason  is heading out to Barcelona with Exeter water polo club today.  A last minute player ‘pull out’ meant a space become available and head coach Jaggers picked, Aaron, who coached Aaron at GB along with Lancaster coach Zak Sly.

This is Exeter’s first international competition since 2008 and they will be playing in the 1992 Olympic Pool at Mont Juic (see the picture below of the amazing pool and view).

Described on the Exeter website as “One of the most versatile players for his age in the UK, Aaron has been very lucky to have been coached by the legendary duo of the late Ron Winn, and Zak Sly – both having been instrumental in establishing Lancaster as a Top 4 Club in the Country. Aaron’s “robust” style of play  has earned him a wide-ranging respect as a player – and he will be key to the team’s success next week.

We wish Aaron and the Exeter team all the best in the competition!

Up to date results and news can be found at Exeter Group Facebook page

The pool


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