Club Info

We are Swim21 accredited club focussed on helping each swimmer and water polo player develop their ability to the fullest in all the main strokes and skills. 

The club is governed by an elected committee, who meet once a month to discuss overall matters around the management of the club.  The committee consists of parents, coaches and other members of the club, to ensure the views of the community are considered.  

Although, we are primarily a competitive club looking to develop and progress swimmers and water polo players with existing skills; we do offer a Learn to Swim (from 5 years old) and mini polo (from 9 years old). 

We offer training sessions most days of the week, with our main sessions running on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.  We encourage our swimmers and water polo players to attend several training sessions per week to ensure they d

Our membership costs include an annual membership fee which also includes membership in the ASA, and a monthly fee which depends on your training levels.