Swimming Progression

LEARN TO COMPETE & PRE-COMPETE Must be able to demonstrate confidence in the water, the ability to make a safe entry and an ability to travel 10m without support or swimming aids. Develop an efficient and comfortable technique in Backstroke, Breaststroke and Frontcrawl over a distance of 25m unassisted and aquatic skills in line with the National Plan for Teaching Swimming.
COMPETITIVE DEVELOPMENT SQUAD Must be able to swim: 25m Frontcrawl 25m Backstroke 25m Breaststroke efficiently and in line with the National Plan for Teaching Swimming To develop all competitive strokes over a longer distance including 25m Butterfly and the 100 IM. To be able to demonstrate all starts and turns effectively and achieve the preliminary start award.
SQUAD 1 Attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week and be able to swim: 50m Butterfly 100m Backstroke 50m Breaststroke 100m Frontcrawl 100m Individual Medley complete with the correct starts and turns. To develop correct techniques on all the competitive strokes and become familiar with the pace clock and lane discipline. Demonstrate a 200IM with correct strokes and turns and achieve the competitive start award.
SQUAD 2 Attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week and be able to compete in: 100m Butterfly 200m Backstroke 200m Breaststroke 200m Frontcrawl 200m Individual Medley. Continued progression of dive, turn and stroke techniques. Self motivated land warm ups and stretching prior to training. Improved endurance and a willingness to compete.
SQUAD 3 All of the above and 95% attendance of the three main training sessions plus land training and a minimum of one additional swimming session per week. Minimum distance of 1150m in a timed 20 minute swim. Attendance of open competitions and selected team events with a target of regional and national qualifying times. Training to support swimmers in other squads.