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Tomorrow Owain Llewellyn leaves Lancaster City and the UK to fly out to the USA to start his four-year scholarship in Water Polo at La Salle University in Philadelphia.

Owain started his water polo career at his former school Ripley St Thomas Academy.  Mr. Quarry, Head of PE at the school suggested to water polo coach Zak Sly, Owain would be a good candidate for the water polo team.  Owain, however, had no interest in wanting to play! Zak his coach asked some of the current players, Zak Lamb, Jordan Titley and Dean Akister, to persuade him to come along and try it out and they did this by telling him he was going to a  swimming competition. At the time Owain was a swimmer at Carnforth Otters.

When the Ripley team got to Walsall baths Owain noticed the goals in the water.  Zak and Mr. Quarry asked Owain if he would be the goalkeeper for the first half of the game and to “take it easy” and in return, he would sit out in the second half of the game.  His effort was impressive with some great saves and we found the perfect position for him to play for the whole game!!

Ripley finished third in the English Schools National Finals, with Owain as the goalkeeper for all the games.   He then joined Lancaster City Swimming and Water Polo Club with two other Ripley members, Stefano and Joe.

At the time the club did not have a goalkeeper so ex-goalkeeper and coach Zak Sly along with Ron Winn worked with Owain to help him train and play in goal. Within six months Owain had been invited to a Great Britain trial and made it in the squad. Owains goalkeeping skills got stronger and he represented the  North West in the Inter Regional Championships from 2013, Lancaster juniors in the nationals from 2104 and went on to play for Lancaster City Senior team in the British Water Polo League and British Championships since 2015.

In 2015 with all the hard work he put in, Owain went to Malta to represent Great Britain in the Junior European Qualification tournament, playing in front of a big crowd. Owain knew then that he wanted to play water polo in the USA!

Everyone at Lancaster City Swimming and Water Polo Club wishes Owain well in the USA!

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